Questions and answers

The two main areas of our activity are:

The first, useful, but not as strong as the second. This is through our capabilities (call) to give you various types of adaptive support to the conditions of doing business and life in a large metropolis. We successfully completed this 20 years ago using examples of our core business, whose services were used by tens of thousands of customers and are now used by thousands. At the same time, we do not snobbish, do not distort the logic of relations in the direction of pathos that is not needed in our opinion. We are familiar with a number of significant problems and many subtle nuances that we ourselves had to face many years ago.

The second, even more useful area of ​​work is to give you the opportunity to communicate fruitfully and super-productively with each other on our platform. There is a special, non-forced format for this. We are promoting not only our events. At the same time, our events differ from others in that our “promenades” do not have many complexes and imposed rules that are inconvenient for unbiased communication. At our event meetings, people really get to know each other, sincerely wondering how they can be useful to each other.

We are a lively, healthy, developing club that gathers people according to their interests and structured by geo-criteria. Accordingly, like every healthy organism, we are characterized by such forms of development as growth and selectivity. First of all, you can be convinced of the indisputability of this growth by expanding the range of additional services starting from individual services for solving a specific, painful range of tasks and issues. And secondly, you can find yourself in a state of pleasant surprise that your attention will be offered so sophisticated and expanding your consciousness entertainment, which will be difficult to refuse.

For members of the Adaptation Business Club, we are preparing pleasant surprises that can be offered both on a previously agreed basis, and at the trust or smart level of preliminary agreements. As a rule, our clients remain more than flattered to meet pleasant surprises or almost unexpected ones.

With us you will certainly not encounter such a surprisingly strange contraption as additional education artificially imposed on any pretext. You will not see that we will gather in a single room a large number of adult successful people, having previously invited them to the stage of some eminent business coach who will give them an educational lecture on how to live or how to make money better. We believe that this level of development by adults has been passed either at universities or at various special training events that enhance qualifications. We are a modern, stylish club with a pleasant club atmosphere. A club where different members who have something to say about cases from real life can speak out publicly. We are not an educational organization in which people with the gift of eloquence spend your time on the presentation of various theoretical knowledge, which can be very difficult to apply in real conditions. We built the communication between the club members among themselves in such a way that without undue foreplay, in a comfortable, constructive mode, we directly discuss the solution of problems of interest. In addition, we managed to organize the interaction of club members with outside experts invited to work in the club in such a way that we discuss not only interesting narrow issues within the framework of expert competence, but also move on to discussing the beginning of joint mutually beneficial projects.

Also, we do not intend to impose on the members of the Adaptation club various artificial events that meet the requirements of the fashion genre of some business communities, which are more interested in beautiful imitation than moving towards goals. Individuality in approaches to people in general, and to our members in particular, is our basic principle. And within the framework of this individuality, that very unique in comfort and productive in relation to current tasks atmosphere can be born, which we offer you.

Tariffs are indicated in the section with the humorous title “Become a Member”. And in order not to return you to this section, we recall that we offer a very wide range of options and ranges of numbers, within which you can become a member of the club for a long period of time, both for the figure of RUB 22.000 and for the figure of RUB 754.800.

The cost of membership in the club includes daily, in accordance with the club’s tariffs, the opportunity to receive a wide variety of consultations and the ability to interact with both the club management and its other members. Under our “shelter” we managed to gather the most adequate representatives of the society, solving similar questions to yours. And therefore, we consider the regime of unbiased, productive communication on sensitive issues to be the most valuable knowledge, the most unique experience that you can get for a very reasonable fee. Details – do not hesitate to call and get answers to any, sometimes even the most absurd questions.

This is an individual question, the preliminary answer to which, of course, will be in the affirmative. In the early stages of the formation of our team, we were able to attract incredibly interesting, truly productive people to the club, sacrificing indicators of return on investment in this investment project. And that is why, in all cases, even in relation to the cost of participation, we use a healthy, reasonable commercial approach. For one of the most important qualities that you will undoubtedly be able to bring out of our doors will be the ability to negotiate with your opponents, or your partners. The ability to conduct any difficult negotiations at all times has been and is a key qualification skill of people who can adapt to any difficult situations.

The answer to this question is definitely not negative. But the situation will be determined individually in accordance with the arguments you have given and the strength of your intention, which you will be able to demonstrate during the negotiations on this topic. Also, a lot will depend on how much you or your friends will be interesting from the preliminary point of view for communication and exchange of experience with other members of the club that have already taken place.

The answer is yes. However, it should be understood that we are not a charitable organization and are not sponsored from any sources. Therefore, if you intend to carry out such an action, please warn about this in advance and we will certainly find a mutually beneficial solution that suits both sides.

Certainly possible. At the same time, the club will provide you with significant support in this matter, the quality of which you will have to make sure of yourself personally. However, the result of such an action will largely depend on you as well. Together we will be the force that in most cases will find a positive solution to the issue.